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Janina Angel Bath
Gypsy Woman (Vinyl)

Janina Angel Bath - Gypsy Woman (Vinyl)

'From a meditative murmur to an orgiastic outcry, vocalist, bandleader, and charismatic costuming queen, Janina Angel Bath spins a dizzying halo of exotic rainbow sound and sight. Eastern-tinged folk raga roots meeting the lysergic depth of psychedelic free jazz only to arrive at its own unique voice... the glimmering loom of a journeying comet weaving lush unheard of dreamscapes, both beauteous and phantasmagorical, leaving you clutching the stardust on your pillow in its wake.' - Joe Niem

Special limited edition LP comes with bonus 10-inch vinyl.

Recommended if you like psychedelic folk, modernist ragas, Cocteau Twins, Linda Perhacs, Popol Vuh, Patty Waters, Fursaxa.

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"Medieval Passage"


  1. 12-inch: GYPSY WOMAN
  2. SIDE A:
  3. 1. Everyday is Different
  4. 2. Old Soul
  5. 3. Gypsy Woman

  6. SIDE B:
  7. 1. Mystic Lady
  8. 2. In the Bamboo Grove
  9. 3. Folk Songstress

  10. 10-inch: THE OTHER PLACE EP
  11. SIDE A:
  12. 1. Life Everlasting Flowers
  13. 2. Other Place

  14. SIDE B:
  15. 1. Wandering
  16. 2. Ephemeral Exaltation
  17. 3. Medieval Passage
  18. 4. Roaming