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Jan & Dean
Filet Of Soul Redux: The Rejected Master Recordings

Jan & Dean - Filet Of Soul Redux: The Rejected Master Recordings

In 1965, Jan & Dean owed their label one more record and really didn’t want to waste any of the “good material” with them. Enter the idea of a live album… unfortunately the suits were not that interested as Jan & Dean had previously released one in early ’65, so the duo, who had been fine tuning their wise-ass shtick since high school, delivered a “live” album with comedy… label execs were appalled and rejected the album. Now, 50 years after their original vision was rejected, Omnivore Recordings is proud to release the album as it was originally intended… a live cutting-edge comedy album with great music interspersed with sound effects, studio skits and comic banter.

TAGS: Oldies | Pop | Surf

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"You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away"


  1. 1. Prelude / Honolulu Lulu
  2. 2. Boys Down At The Plant / Cathy’s Clown / Pigeon Joke
  3. 3. Brass Section Introductions / Dead Man’s Curve
  4. 4. Beatle Part Of Our Portion / Michelle / Whistling Dixie
  5. 5. We Want Jan & Dean / Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
  6. 6. 1-2-3
  7. 7. Lightnin’ Strikes
  8. 8. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
  9. 9. And Now Back To The Show / Let’s Hang On Introduction
  10. 10. Hang On Sloopy / Jan & Dean, They’ll Be Back

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