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Jamie Catto & Alex Forster
Internal: Music For Dissolving

Jamie Catto & Alex Forster - Internal: Music For Dissolving

From the stillpoint within comes an entire universe of our feeling states. The first collaboration between Jamie Catto & Alex Forster reflects our deepest emotions - our sadness and our ecstasy, our fear and courage - and the unchanging space in which they swirl. An evocative combination of electronic and organic world music, Internal brings us a powerful complement for yoga, body-based practices, and exploring our vast inner landscapes.

Jamie Catto is the creative catalyst behind the global philosophy, music, and film project 1 Giant Leap and a founding member of dance music super-group Faithless.

TAGS: Electronic | World

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  1. 1. Open The Floodgates
  2. 2. Blossom
  3. 3. Safe Hands
  4. 4. Beneath The Bananas
  5. 5. No Trace
  6. 6. Desert Stroll
  7. 7. Let It Go
  8. 8. Mother Tongue
  9. 9. Herida
  10. 10. Internal
  11. 11. Renaissance
  12. 12. Ojalá
  13. 13. Waiting
  14. 14. Gratitude