New Releases For May 31, 2011

James Tormé
Love For Sale

James Tormé - Love For Sale

The son of music icon Mel Tormé, James Tormé elegantly and fearlessly strides through a repertoire that ranges from Duke Ellington to Al Green and from Cole Porter to Michael Jackson. The international debut of James Tormé signals a new infusion of taste, style, personality, and musical sophistication into the jazz vocal scene. With his first album Love for Sale, James strides effortlessly onto the stage now occupied by the likes of Harry Connick Jr., James Cullum and Michael Buble.

TAGS: Jazz | Pop

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"Rock With You"


  1. 1. Let's Stay Together
  2. 2. Love For Sale
  3. 3. A Better Day Will Come
  4. 4. Passin' By
  5. 5. What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Life?
  6. 6. Rock With You
  7. 7. Autumn Leaves
  8. 8. Come Back To Me
  9. 9. Comin' Home Baby
  10. 10. Reminiscing In Tempo
  11. 11. One Or The Other
  12. 12. Soft Songs