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James LaBrie
Static Impulse

James LaBrie - Static Impulse

James LaBrie (vocalist for Dream Theater) returns with his first solo effort in over five years with Static Impulse.

The new offering is by far his heaviest to date and is sure to please his legion of diehard fans as well as win over many new devotees in the process.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"I Need You"


  1. 1. One More Time
  2. 2. Jekyll Or Hyde
  3. 3. Mislead
  4. 4. Euphoric
  5. 5. Over The Edge
  6. 6. I Need You
  7. 7. Who You Think I Am
  8. 8. I Tried
  9. 9. Just Watch Me
  10. 10. This Is War
  11. 11. Superstar
  12. 12. Coming Home

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