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James LaBrie
Impermanent Resonance

James LaBrie - Impermanent Resonance

James LaBrie returns with a new solo effort, Impermanent Resonance, right before returning to kick off a new Dream Theater release and tour. This offering is by far his heaviest to date and is sure to please his legion of diehard fans and win over new devotees in the process.

Regarded as one of the most influential prog metal vocalists of the last 20 years, his significance as the commanding frontman of the gods of virtuoso playing, Dream Theater, is without question. One listen and it becomes apparent that LaBrie's influences deep and he'll be entertaining for years to come.

TAGS: Prog Rock

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"Back On The Ground"


  1. 1. Agony
  2. 2. Undertow
  3. 3. Slight Of Hand
  4. 4. Back On The Ground
  5. 5. I Got You
  6. 6. Holding On
  7. 7. Lost In The Fire
  8. 8. Letting Go
  9. 9. Destined To Burn
  10. 10. Say You're Still Mine
  11. 11. Amnesia
  12. 12. I Will Not Break

  14. 13. Unraveling
  15. 14. Why

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