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James Durbin
Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster

James Durbin - Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster

Pop culture watchers will recognize the name and the tagline. James Durbin, 22, was known for bringing heavy metal to the American Idol stage last season by performing Queen and Muse songs and then by singing onstage with metal legends Judas Priest during the final episodes.

Durbin ultimately placed fourth on Season 10 of the ratings juggernaut, going that far due to his 'rawk' edge, his unbridled emotion, his undeniable swagger, his powerhouse voice and his God-given talent, all of which meshed into a potent cocktail that allowed him to stand head and shoulders above a sea of pop singers. He was also rock music's crusader; there Durbin stood on the frontlines, navigating the murky pop landscape with aplomb and vigor. He emerged on the other side with his mission in tact: to bring rock to the forefront. Call Durbin rock music's 2012 revivalist and ambassador, because that's what he is.

TAGS: Hard Rock

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"Love Me Bad"


  1. 1. Higher Than Heaven
  2. 2. All I Want
  3. 3. Love In Ruins
  4. 4. Right Behind You
  5. 5. Love Me Bad
  6. 6. Deeper
  7. 7. May
  8. 8. Screaming
  9. 9. Outcast
  10. 10. Everything Burns
  11. 11. Stand Up