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Jake Miller
Us Against Them

Jake Miller - Us Against Them

Jake is primed to live up to MTV's declaration that he is 'about to blow up.' Us Against Them is just the album to take him there.

'Us Against Them is a little more fun, and not as emotionally heavy as some of my past records. But even if it's a lighter song about love or friends or loving life, which is what this album is about, there is still thought and meaning behind each song and a feeling that is more uplifting. This record is also more focused on spreading positivity and being inspirational and telling stories that are more real to me,' says Jake.

TAGS: Pop | Rap/Hip-Hop

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  1. 1. Collide
  2. 2. Hollywood
  3. 3. Me And You
  4. 4. High Life Featuring Jeremy Thurber
  5. 5. My Couch
  6. 6. Homeless
  7. 7. Carry On
  8. 8. Heaven
  9. 9. A Million Lives
  10. 10. Puppet
  11. 11. Number One Rule