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Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
Stay Gold

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Stay Gold

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, the Tulsa, Oklahoma institution founded by pianist Brian Haas returns with a new full length album, Stay Gold. The effort further refines JFJO's singular vision that's been dubbed 'Red Dirt Jazz,' with a sound that's equal parts earthy and nimble, pastoral and sweeping, elegant and free. JFJO recorded the album at acclaimed engineer/musician David Teegarden's Natura Digital Recording Studios just outside of Tulsa. The eight-track effort presents the band's strongest songwriting and most compelling improvisations to date.

The second release since JFJO expanded to a quartet, Stay Gold proves undoubtedly that Haas has found the perfect foil in lap steel guitarist Chris Combs. Set to play over 150 shows in 2010 to an ever-growing worldwide fan-base, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey continue to evolve into one of the 21st century's most distinguished modern jazz voices.

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"Stay Gold"


  1. 1. Sensation Of Seeing Light
  2. 2. Trampoline Phoenix
  3. 3. David
  4. 4. The Return
  5. 5. Song For Lauren
  6. 6. Hamby's Window
  7. 7. Stay Gold
  8. 8. This, Our Home