New Releases For October 22, 2013

Jacky Vincent
Star X Speed Story

Jacky Vincent - Star X Speed Story

Considered among the top young shred guitarists in contemporary music, Jacky Vincent's new CD, Star X Speed Story, showcases a guitarist with an exciting collection of great guitar instrumentals with enough taste and technique to satisfy the most discriminating guitar fan.

In the tradition of other great Shrapnel instrumental CD's, this record is brimming with important performances by one of the world's greatest new technicians.

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"Runaway Tryst"


  1. 1. Maybe I'm A Wolf
  2. 2. Venom Love
  3. 3. Star X Speed
  4. 4. Without You
  5. 5. Heaven Or Hell?
  6. 6. Neo Concerto
  7. 7. If You Were Mine
  8. 8. Runaway Tryst
  9. 9. The Tempest
  10. 10. Fatal Envy
  11. 11. Burning Tears
  12. 12. Sidescroller
  13. 13. I Can Never Go Home (Reprise)