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Jack Klatt
Looking For Love

Jack Klatt - Looking For Love

Part balladeer and part bluesman, Jack is a dedicated songwriter and finger-style guitarist based in Minneapolis, MN. His sound pulls from a wide range of American music. From rhythm and blues and early rock ‘n’ roll, to country and folk music, Jack brings his own voice to all of his songs. In the words of Americana Roots UK, "Jack doesn't rely on other writers for his diversity, he can write in pretty much any musical style of his choosing.”

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"Looking For Love"


  1. 1. I'll Never Let You Down
  2. 2. Looking For Love
  3. 3. World Shaker
  4. 4. Ramblin' Kind
  5. 5. It Ain't The Same
  6. 6. Caught In The Middle
  7. 7. Highway Lines
  8. 8. Prove My Love
  9. 9. Tinted In Blue
  10. 10. Tomorrow
  11. 11. Love Me Lonely