New Releases For March 15, 2011

J Mascis
Several Shades Of Why

J Mascis - Several Shades Of Why

In the quarter century since he founded Dinosaur Jr., J Mascis has created some of the era's signature songs, albums and styles. Several Shades of Why, is J's first solo studio record. Nearly all acoustic, Several Shades of Why was created with the help of a few friends including Kurt Vile, Kevin Drew, Ben Bridwell, and Pall Jenkins. But every track, every note even, bears that distinct Mascis watermark, both in the shape of the tunes and the glorious rasp of the vocals.

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"Is It Done"


  1. 1. Listen To Me
  2. 2. Several Shades Of Why
  3. 3. Not Enough
  4. 4. Very Nervous And Love
  5. 5. Is It Done
  6. 6. Make It Right
  7. 7. Where Are You
  8. 8. Too Deep
  9. 9. Can I
  10. 10. What Happened