New Releases For November 11, 2013

J.B. Beverley
Stripped To The Root

J.B. Beverley - Stripped To The Root

This isn't a Wayward Drifters record. It's not a Little White Pills record. It's not like anything I have ever done before. This is a snapshot of me coming out of a dark time in my life and reflecting everything into song. It is truly an example of me 'stripped to the root'. I hope that it touches your heart and that you take something away from it that you might not have had before. Enjoy. - J.B. Beverley

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"Hang Me, Oh Hang Me"


  1. 1. Appalachian Swamp Stomp
  2. 2. Get The Wheels A Rollin'
  3. 3. All The Little Devils
  4. 4. Bit Of Pickin'
  5. 5. When I Can Make You Mine
  6. 6. I Ain't No Nice Guy
  7. 7. Nightmare Keeper
  8. 8. Disappear On Down The Line
  9. 9. Queen Of The Scene
  10. 10. Some Other Place In Time
  11. 11. Cigarettes & Alcohol
  12. 12. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
  13. 13. Time Will Tell
  14. 14. Stripped To The Root
  15. 15. Bonus Track