New Releases For August 6, 2013

Late For Nothing

iwrestledabearonce - Late For Nothing

iwrestledabearonce, the electro-metal-trip-hop-dance-jazz pioneers exploded forth onto the scene back in the summer of 2009 like a cannonball shot out of a whale's blowhole and have left a trail of destruction and afterbirth in their wake ever since.

Their new album Late For Nothing was recorded in IWABO guitar player, Steven Bradley's home studio. It features 12 tracks guaranteed to raise Andre the Giant from the dead and have him doin' the mashed potato. On Tour Now.

TAGS: Metal | Metalcore

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"Thunder Chunky"


  1. 1. Thunder Chunky
  2. 2. Letters to Stallone
  3. 3. Snake Charmer
  4. 4. Boat Paddle
  5. 5. Firebees
  6. 6. Mind the Gap
  7. 7. Carnage Asada
  8. 8. The Map
  9. 9. That's a Horse of a Different Color
  10. 10. I'd Buy That for a Dollar
  11. 11. Inside Job
  12. 12. It Don't Make Me No Nevermind

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