New Releases For July 8, 2014

Violence & Destruction

Islander - Violence & Destruction

Islander started 2014 entering the studio to record, Violence & Destruction, their debut full length album for Victory Records. The exceptionally bold, brooding and melodic style Islander embodies on Violence & Destruction has drawn respectable comparisons to the Deftones, the Cure, and everyone in between.

Demonstrating a wide array of influences, Islander's crisp fusion of thrashing instrumentation and impassioned, magnetic vocals are bound to make them a refreshing new focal point in the modern rock world. Islander will be bringing their music to the masses as they embark as part of the Victory Records Stage on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival this summer.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Coconut Dracula"


  1. 1. Counteract
  2. 2. The Sadness Of Graves
  3. 3. Coconut Dracula
  4. 4. Cold Speak
  5. 5. Pains
  6. 6. Kingdom
  7. 7. Side Effects Of Youth
  8. 8. New Wave
  9. 9. Criminals (Featuring Sonny Sandoval)
  10. 10. Mira
  11. 11. Hearts Grow Cold
  12. 12. Violence & Destruction

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