New Releases For January 25, 2011

Iron & Wine
Kiss Each Other Clean

Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean

It's been more than three years since Iron & Wine's last studio effort, which was widely praised by fans and critics alike. While Sam Beam's early albums were sparse, intimate solo affairs, The Shepherd's Dog introduced layered textures and poly-rhythmic sounds that allowed his lyrics to spring to life. It's only natural then, that Beam took this sonic collage and built upon it for his new album, Kiss Each Other Clean. The result is a brighter, more focused record that retains the idiosyncratic elements that make Iron & Wine such an engaging band.

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"Tree By The River"


  1. 1. Walking Far From Home
  2. 2. Me And Lazarus
  3. 3. Tree By The River
  4. 4. Monkeys Uptown
  5. 5. Half Moon
  6. 6. Rabbit Will Run
  7. 7. Godless Brother In Love
  8. 8. Big Burned Hand
  9. 9. Glad Man Singing
  10. 10. Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me