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Irma Thomas
After The Rain (Vinyl Reissue)

Irma Thomas - After The Rain (Vinyl Reissue)

Irma Thomas continues to reign as the “Soul Queen of New Orleans.” Reissued on vinyl for the first time, After The Rain was recorded in Louisiana only months after Hurricane Katrina. A majority of the songs were chosen prior to the hurricane, but the album’s prophetic themes offer a message of hope. The album earned Thomas her first Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album.

TAGS: Blues | Oldies | R&B | Reissue | Soul | Vinyl

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"In The Middle Of It All"


  1. LP ONE:
  2. SIDE A:
  3. 1. In The Middle Of It All
  4. 2. Flowers
  5. 3. I Count The Tears
  6. SIDE B:
  7. 1. Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
  8. 2. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
  9. 3. If You Knew How Much
  10. 4. Another Man Done Gone
  11. LP TWO:
  12. SIDE A:
  13. 1. Till I Can't Take It Anymore
  14. 2. These Honey Dos
  15. 3. Another Lonely Heart
  16. SIDE B:
  17. 1. Soul Of A Man
  18. 2. Stone Survivor
  19. 3. Shelter In The Rain

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