New Releases For October 11, 2011

I Am The Club Rocker

Inna - I Am The Club Rocker

Hold your horses as the next big thing in dance music has arrived. Her name is Inna and with a string of hits under her belt and the clubs of the US and Europe already at her feet she is ready to take the whole world by storm with her new album, which includes the club favorite 'Club Rocker,' and the first single, 'Sun Is Up,' was embraced by every DJ from Miami to LA with considerable radio play as a result.

TAGS: Club/Dance | Pop

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"Sun Is Up"


  1. 1. Un Momento
  2. 2. Club Rocker
  3. 3. House Is Going On
  4. 4. Endless
  5. 5. Sun Is Up
  6. 6. Wow
  7. 7. Senorita
  8. 8. We're Going In The Club
  9. 9. July
  10. 10. No Limit
  11. 11. Put Your Hands Up
  12. 12. Moon Girl
  13. 13. India Feat. Play & Win
  14. 14. Club Rocker (Play & Win Remix)