New Releases For September 28, 2010

Ingram Hill
Look Your Best

Ingram Hill - Look Your Best

Memphis-based rock trio Ingram Hill would probably love to have it look as if their latest album, Look Your Best, was as easy-breezy to create as the lyrics suggest, but it was made with a great deal of hard work, determination, and grit.

Produced by Rick Beato (Billionaire, Michelle Malone, Flickerstick, Shinedown) who also produced their first full-length, 2004's June's Picture Show, the album that got them signed in the first place.

The band has toured extensively with bands such as Hootie and the Blowfish, Johnny Lang, Maroon 5, Guster, Better Than Ezra, and Hanson.

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"As Long As I'm With You"


  1. 1. Broken Lover
  2. 2. Lady Grey
  3. 3. As Long As I'm With You
  4. 4. Hey Girl
  5. 5. Burn Out Your Flame
  6. 6. Come Around
  7. 7. Miss Kennedy
  8. 8. The Hardest Part
  9. 9. Ready For The Sun
  10. 10. Wish You'd Stay