New Releases For September 23, 2014

Information Society
_hello world

Information Society - _hello world

The first new album from the original lineup of Information Society in over 20 years.

_hello world is rife with songs that have one foot firmly planted in their past and one foot confidently resting in the present. Their debut self-titled major label album included the hits 'What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy),' 'Walking Away' and 'Running' and is considered a modern electronic classic.


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"Get Back"


  1. 1. Land Of The Blind
  2. 2. The Prize
  3. 3. Where Were You
  4. 4. Get Back
  5. 5. Jonestown
  6. 6. Dancing With Strangers
  7. 7. Beautiful World (Featuring Gerald V. Casale)
  8. 8. Creatures Of Light And Darkness
  9. 9. Above And Below
  10. 10. Let It Burn
  11. 11. Tomorrow The World