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Infinity Shred

Infinity Shred - Sanctuary

Sanctuary, the full-length debut by Manhattan's Infinity Shred, finds a path that belongs to neither the past nor the future, a swirling instrumental ether-region all its own.

Over seven rich tracks, Infinity Shred apply their increasingly complex palette towards expansive post-rock and points beyond, exploring a vast array of synthesizers, huge textural guitars, the occasional home-brewed circuitry, and playful dialogues between live and programmed percussion. Jumping from lush pads and hip-hop percussion ('Void Ripper') to double kicks and power chords ('Shadow Jeweler'), Sanctuary showcases Infinity Shred's ability to effortlessly combine seemingly disparate styles into a cohesive and powerful new sound.

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  1. 1. Kodiak
  2. 2. Void Ripper
  3. 3. Shadow Jeweler
  4. 4. Straylight
  5. 5. Mapper
  6. 6. Tourist
  7. 7. Sanctuary