New Releases For September 14, 2010

Would Work

Infantree - Would Work

Would Work is a mood-tripping album that defiantly reveals Infantree to be a young band whose very nature is elusive and enigmatic. A regal lion-like rooster named 'Chuck' may be featured on the cover and in the first video 'Speak Up,' but you won't get any puffed out chests from the members of Infantree. They have kept their band uniquely frontless, like some sort quasi-communist-prankster collective. Maybe that's the secret that sets them apart from other bands. By eschewing ego, the four friends who make up Infantree have learned to work as an ever-evolving creative unit - thereby elevating their sound.

TAGS: Indie Rock

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"Slaughter House"


  1. 1. Water
  2. 2. In-Line
  3. 3. Speak Up
  4. 4. Rubbed Raw
  5. 5. Hypo
  6. 6. Mourning Glory
  7. 7. Slaughter House
  8. 8. Cloud Of Sound
  9. 9. If She Could
  10. 10. No One's Home
  11. 11. Meet The Gang
  12. 12. To & Fro

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