New Releases For June 26, 2012

Hero's Dose

Infantree - Hero's Dose

Infantree, the Los Angeles bred quartet, is back with their sophomore release, Hero's Dose. Influences such as Nirvana and My Morning Jacket are clear on the band's more electric numbers. However, the band's haunting three part harmonies, Alex Vojdani's classical guitar training, and the band's love of folk give the songs a more dark and hypnotic tone reminiscent of Fleet Foxes.

The lead single, 'Fibber,' bridges the two sounds together with its eerie harmonies, jabbing organ, and soulful rhythm.

See them on Conan on June 28 and on tour with Neil Young & Crazy Horse in October.

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  1. 1. What You Wanna Do
  2. 2. Original Sin
  3. 3. Skinny Bones Jones
  4. 4. Bag Of Tricks
  5. 5. Fibber
  6. 6. Forgive Me First
  7. 7. Here Goes Nothing
  8. 8. Should
  9. 9. Hero's Dose
  10. 10. Living Proof
  11. 11. Lull
  12. 12. The Peace Prize

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