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Food For Thought (Digital Only)

Infantree - Food For Thought (Digital Only)

Infantree formed in 2007 when Donald Fisher, (vocals, lyrics, keys, bass, guitar, mandolin) Alex Vojdani, (vocals, lyrics, guitar, keys) Matt Kronish, (vocals, lyrics, guitar, banjo, bass, keys) and Jordan Avesar (drums) met as high school students in the San Fernando Valley of California.

There's a shifting, track to track, from one writer/lead singer to the next, and who plays which of nearly a dozen instruments. Yet, there's a cohesive, rooted sound that completely belies their youth. It has to do with the personal, but universal, emotion behind the lyrics, the worldly range of artistic influences and the jaw-dropping musicianship.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: May 4, 2010 ON Vapor
TAGS: Indie Rock


  1. 1. Speak Up
  2. 2. Mourning Glory
  3. 3. Euphemism
  4. 4. Feet Of Clay
  5. 5. Rubbed Raw
  6. 6. Oil Can

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