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Ina Forsman
Been Meaning To Tell You

Ina Forsman - Been Meaning To Tell You

On her second album, Been Meaning To Tell You, Ina Forsman brings the listener closer than an old friend, spilling her deepest emotions while surveying the beauty (and beasts) of the modern world. Tracked at Austin’s Wire Recording Studio with producer Mark “Kaz” Kazanoff and a world-class band, these are twelve songs for life’s highs and lows, whether you want speaker-rattling soul for wild nights or a slow-blues for licking your wounds. “Let the music heal you,” Ina advises, “or break you momentarily if you’re not ready to get back up yet.”

TAGS: Blues | R&B

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"All Good"


  1. 1. Be My Home
  2. 2. Get Mine
  3. 3. All Good
  4. 4. Genius
  5. 5. Whatcha Gonna Do
  6. 6. Why You Gotta Be That Way
  7. 7. Miss Mistreated
  8. 8. Figure
  9. 9. Who Hurt You
  10. 10. Every Single Beat
  11. 11. Chains
  12. 12. Sunny

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