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Garden Of Storms

In Mourning - Garden Of Storms

Garden Of Storms is In Mourning's fifth studio album and last part of the trilogy started with The Weight Of Oceans (2012) and followed by Afterglow (2016). Unlike Afterglow, Garden Of Storms was recorded with Jonas Kjellgren, who's responsible for the sound of the band's early albums. According to In Mourning, the new recording feels as their "most solid, honest and complete album to date, in times where things seem to scatter and change a lot around us". The album features seven new tracks replete with beautiful artwork from Kristian Wåhlin (Bathory, At The Gates, King Diamond).

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"Black Storm"


  1. 1. Black Storm
  2. 2. Yields Of Sand
  3. 3. Hierophant
  4. 4. Magenta Ritual
  5. 5. Huntress Moon
  6. 6. Tribunal Of Suns
  7. 7. The Lost Outpost