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Impending Doom
Death Will Reign

Impending Doom - Death Will Reign

Impending Doom stand at the brink between their youthful past and an ever-solidifying stature as kings within a subgenre they helped to invent, boldly declaring an outspoken faith in the unseen while delivering top-tier performances all around the world. Tracks like 'Beyond the Grave,' 'Rip, Tear and Burn,' 'Doomsday' and 'My Blood' are as direct, evocative and powerful as the song titles suggest, squeezing every last ounce of energy out of the performers with dynamic strength. Death Will Reign is uncompromising in its assertiveness, swiftly surpassing many of the band's contemporaries.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Death Will Reign"


  1. 1. Ravenous Disease
  2. 2. Death Will Reign
  3. 3. Beyond The Grave
  4. 4. My Own Maker
  5. 5. Doomsday
  6. 6. Rip, Tear, And Burn
  7. 7. Hellhole
  8. 8. My Blood
  9. 9. Endless
  10. 10. Live Or Die
  11. 11. The Great Divine

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