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Impending Doom
Baptized In Filth

Impending Doom - Baptized In Filth

Impending Doom is one of the defining metal bands of this generation. The Riverside, California quartet stand mightily alongside their peers in bands like Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, and All Shall Perish with Baptized in Filth, the group's fourth full-length and first effort for rock and metal powerhouse label eOne Music.

Produced by Andreas Magnusson (Black Dahlia Murder) and mixed by Machine (Lamb of God), Baptized in Filth represents the complete realization of the fiercely creative and wholly organic development of the multifaceted sound Impending Doom began with their earliest demo rumblings.

There's a spiritual element to Impending Doom to be sure, but their music is of the caliber to appeal to anyone who loves extreme sounds regardless of their worldview or frame of reference.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"For The Wicked"


  1. 1. Murderer
  2. 2. For The Wicked
  3. 3. Chaos: Reborn
  4. 4. Deceiver
  5. 5. Falling Away
  6. 6. Absolute Horror
  7. 7. Angry Letters To God
  8. 8. Baptized In Filth
  9. 9. My Light Unseen (Featuring Ryan Clark)
  10. 10. Death.Ascension.Resurrection.

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