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Imarhan - Imarhan

Imarhan were born in Tamanrasset, Algeria, a city where the Tuareg community of Northern Mali, Kel Tamashek people, ended their exile in the early 1990s. Imarhan, meaning “the ones I care about,” started out in 2008, a loose collection of friends who began to play together under the watchful eye of Sadam’s cousin, Eyadou Ag Leche, bass guitarist of their older brother’s Tinariwen. Imarhan have a sound that reflects their cultural and generational background; dry guitar riffs, pop melodies and pan-African rhythms which draw on traditional Tuareg music, African ballads and the modern pop and rock the band heard growing up.

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  1. 1. Tarha Tadagh
  2. 2. Tahabort
  3. 3. Ibas Ichikkou
  4. 4. Idarchan Net
  5. 5. Assossamagh
  6. 6. Imarhan
  7. 7. Addounia Azdjazzaqat
  8. 8. Id Islegh
  9. 9. Arodj N-inizdjam
  10. 10. Alwak

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 09
    Rennes, France Imarhan at L'Aire Libre
  • Mar 10
    Tourcoing, France Imarhan at Le Grand Mix
  • Mar 12
    Brighton, UK Imarhan at Green Door Store
  • Mar 13
    Leeds, UK Imarhan at Brudenell Social Club
  • Mar 14
    Manchester, UK Imarhan at YES
  • Mar 15
    Bristol, UK Imarhan at Exchange
  • Mar 17
    London, UK Imarhan at The Dome, Tufnell Park
  • Mar 18
    Ghent, Belgium Imarhan at De Centrale
  • Mar 19
    Haarlem, Netherlands Imarhan at Patronaat
  • Mar 20
    Brussels, Belgium Imarhan at Ancienne Belgique
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