New Releases For October 22, 2012

Ill Niño

Ill Niño - Epidemia

Distinguished hard rock mainstays Ill Niño look to raise the bar even higher with their sixth full length studio album, Epidemia. Ill Niño front man Cristian Machado commented, 'It's 2012 and we're all still alive. It's time to redefine Latin metal. 'Drummer and founder Dave Chavarri added, 'This time around, we want to explore Latin and tribal rhythms we have never explored in the past five releases, giving us no musical boundaries at all.'

Known for their bilingual vocals and signature blend of Latin-influenced, aggressive modern metal, Ill Niño have been a pinnacle artist in the metal scene going into their 15th year as a band.

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"The Depression"


  1. 1. The Depression
  2. 2. Only The Unloved
  3. 3. La Epidemia
  4. 4. Eva
  5. 5. Demi-God
  6. 6. Death Wants More
  7. 7. Escape
  8. 8. Time Won't Save You
  9. 9. Forgive Me Father
  10. 10. Invisible People

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