New Releases For October 26, 2010

Ill Niño
Dead New World

Ill Niño - Dead New World

Ill Niño's Latin roots run bloody and deep. Their original and refreshing sound covers the gamut of musical influences including: melodic vocals, bilingual lyrics, flamenco guitars, tribal drums, Latin percussion, and salsa-infused bass lines, all while providing a pummeling dose of modern hard rock and metal.

After teaming up with Victory Records in March of 2010, Ill Niño are setting a new standard with their latest release, Dead New World.

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"Against The Wall"


  1. 1. God Is For The Dead
  2. 2. The Art Of War
  3. 3. Against The Wall
  4. 4. Mi Revolucion
  5. 5. Bleed Like You
  6. 6. Serve The Grave
  7. 7. If You Were Me
  8. 8. Ritual
  9. 9. Killing You, Killing Me
  10. 10. How Could I Believe
  11. 11. Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  12. 12. Scarred

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