New Releases For May 12, 2015

Icky Blossoms

Icky Blossoms - Mask

Mask finds Icky Blossoms capitalizing on the spontaneity of their live experience and the ambitions of their writing and recording process, while not losing their sense of self. Their influences range from Fad Gadget to Beyonce and the subject matter varies from wrestling with the isolation of existence to the emotional spectrum of love. The album pulses with a vibrant sound that’s electric, confident, and new. The band experimented with making electronics sound organic and organic instruments feel electronic. Song skeletons were embellished with tuned 808’s, hyper-effected mouth noises, screams as instruments, and guitars run through synthesizers.

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"In Folds"


  1. 1. In Folds
  2. 2. Phantasmagoria
  3. 3. Living In Fiction
  4. 4. Away From You
  5. 5. Want You So Bad
  6. 6. The Spiral
  7. 7. Wait
  8. 8. Silver Tongue
  9. 9. Terror Nothing

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