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Huoratron - Cryptocracy

From the metal-hewn flatlands of Finland comes a dark new force in electronic music. Forged in the electrical fire of industrial; nurtured through the apocalyptic feedback of art rock, experimental and all things disruptive; and championed by the most influential names in EDM and beyond, Huoratron is deeper, stranger and harder-core than whatever you thought was before.

Huoratron came to life in 2003, the brainchild of DJ/producer/mad 8-bit scientist Aku Raski.

The bearded one's beginnings are shadowy, as are his methods; there are reports that he was discovered at a Nordic metal festival, and that he's developed a bit of code that mutates a track every time it's downloaded, making it unique to every individual listener.

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  1. 1. Cryptocracy
  2. 2. New Wave Of Mutilation
  3. 3. A699F
  4. 4. Bug Party
  5. 5. Dungeons & Dungeons
  6. 6. Sea of Meat
  7. 7. Top 1%
  8. 8. Force Majeure
  9. 9. Transcendence
  10. 10. Unblinking Eye