New Releases For October 22, 2012

Hunter Valentine
Collide And Conquer

Hunter Valentine - Collide And Conquer

After eight years as a band, Hunter Valentine has solidified their line-up, put down roots in Brooklyn, and grown their fan base steadily across the globe. On their latest release, the band has added famed Canadian producer and Treble Charger front-man Greig Nori to the mix. Noted for his hit-making influences on bands Sum 41 and Hedley, he has helped the band add layers and push boundaries, while keeping with the unmistakable sound they crafted on previous releases. While not on tour, Hunter Valentine can also be seen on Showtime's reality TV series The Real L Word.

TAGS: Punk

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"Gates Of Hell"


  1. 1. Liar Liar
  2. 2. Lonely Crusade
  3. 3. The Pulse
  4. 4. Crying
  5. 5. Little Curse (Shit Happens)
  6. 6. Nowhere To Run
  7. 7. This Bull Rides Tonight
  8. 8. Gates Of Hell
  9. 9. Ted's Collision
  10. 10. Priscilla
  11. 11. The Great Canadian Love Song