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Howie D
Which One Am I?

Howie D - Which One Am I?

Backstreet Boy Howie D presents his debut family album, Which One Am I?, a collection of songs that offer musical reflections of his own childhood, as a young Howie D overcomes his insecurities to discover his true self. ''The goal of Which One Am I? is to remind people that no matter what they're going through, they can emerge victorious,'' says Howie D. Produced by Grammy nominee Tor Hyams, the songs on this album inspired an upcoming family musical theater production, Howie D: Back In The Day, which will have its world premiere next year at the Rose Theater in Omaha, Nebraska.

TAGS: Childrens | Pop


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  2. 1. Which One Am I?
  3. 2. Back In The Day
  4. 3. Monsters In My Head
  5. 4. Shy
  6. 5. Worry
  7. 6. Pollyanna's Shadow
  8. 7. School Bell Tango
  9. 8. Small Time Blues
  10. 9. No Hablo Español
  11. 10. The Me I'm Meant To Be
  12. 11. Back In The Day Reprise
  13. 12. Lean On Me