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Hot Rize
Hot Rize's 40th Anniversary Bash

Hot Rize - Hot Rize's 40th Anniversary Bash

Hot Rize, one of the most respected and influential bands in bluegrass music, is pleased to announce the release of their aptly named new record Hot Rize's 40th Anniversary Bash, recorded live at Boulder Theatre in January of 2018. Hot Rize (Nick Forster, Pete Wernick, Tim O’Brien, and Bryan Sutton) were joined by longtime musical friends Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, and Sam Bush. “We wanted to have a party,” says Forster. “We wanted to have a full-out bash!” And now, celebrating the band’s 40 year together, fans worldwide are musically invited to the party, as the band selected 19 of the best of their three night stand for the new record.

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"Colleen Malone"


  1. 1. Blue Night
  2. 2. Western Skies
  3. 3. Intro: Colleen Malone
  4. 4. Colleen Malone
  5. 5. Huckling The Berries
  6. 6. Intro: Wichita Lineman
  7. 7. Wichita Lineman
  8. 8. You Were On My Mind
  9. 9. Intro: Out On The Ocean
  10. 10. Out On The Ocean
  11. 11. Just Like You
  12. 12. Burn It Down
  13. 13. Things In Life
  14. 14. The High Road
  15. 15. Intro: Radio Boogie
  16. 16. Radio Boogie
  17. 17. Intro: Walk The Way The Wind Blows
  18. 18. Walk The Way The Wind Blows
  19. 19. Your Light Leads Me On
  20. 20. Intro: I Am The Road
  21. 21. I Am The Road
  22. 22. Nellie Kane
  23. 23. Hard Pressed
  24. 24. Intro: High On A Mountain
  25. 25. High On A Mountain
  26. 26. Angelina Baker