New Releases For May 4, 2018

Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers - Appreciation

Horse Feathers feels like a secret you don't really want to share. Over twelve years and five albums, a passionate fan base has experienced this band as a precious commodity that they want to keep close to their hearts. On Appreciation, the signifiers of the band are there: Justin Ringle's warm tenor and taut lyrics that speak of work, love, and other struggles. But on this album less of the song dynamics are achieved with strings and more with an exciting new rhythm section steeped in Northern Soul, creating a sound that leaps into the spotlight.

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"Without Applause"


  1. 1. Without Applause
  2. 2. Born In Love
  3. 3. Best To Leave
  4. 4. Broken Beak
  5. 5. Don't Mean To Pry
  6. 6. Altamont
  7. 7. Evictions
  8. 8. Faultline Wail
  9. 9. The Hex
  10. 10. On The Rise