New Releases For October 21, 2016

Hooton Tennis Club
Big Box Of Chocolates

Hooton Tennis Club - Big Box Of Chocolates

Here the wit of Kurt Vonnegut and twisted storytelling of Wes Anderson collide to tell tales of banal jobs, relationships, memorable parties and passing characters. Musically melodic, fragile, wonky, witty, poetic and pop (definitely, defiantly pop) the skewed melodies and oddball narratives combine in perfect symbiotic musical harmony, each song a small burst of sunshine to warm the coldest of hearts. Think Teenage Fanclub, Guided By Voices, Randy Newman, Big Star, Silver Jews – but birthed in northern English towns in the 21st century.

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"Katy-Anne Bellis"


  1. 1. Growing Concerns
  2. 2. Bootcut Jimmy The G
  3. 3. Bad Dream (Breakdown On St George’s Mount)
  4. 4. Sit Like Ravi
  5. 5. Katy-Anne Bellis
  6. 6. O Man, Won’t You Melt Me?
  7. 7. Statue Of The Greatest Woman I Know
  8. 8. Meet Me At The Molly Bench
  9. 9. Lauren, I’m In Love!
  10. 10. Frostbitten In Fen Ditton
  11. 11. Lazers Linda
  12. 12. Big Box Of Chocolates