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Push Pull

Hoobastank - Push Pull

Ten million albums sold worldwide, countless top-notch chart positions and a hit that seems as fresh as ever: when newcomers Hoobastank released their second album, The Reason in 2003, the rock world held its breath in awe. Nowadays, Hoobastank are still going strong as one of the biggest American rock acts of our time and have released their most varied and thrilling effort so far, Push Pull, lovingly fine-tuned by legendary producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Maroon 5). The feather-light hooks of “More Beautiful” will have you enamored in seconds, whilst the compelling chorus of “True Believer” pulls you in for a tight embrace.

TAGS: Alternative | Rock

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"More Beautiful"


  1. 1. Don't Look Away
  2. 2. Push Pull
  3. 3. More Beautiful
  4. 4. Head Over Heels (Tears For Fears Cover)
  5. 5. True Believer
  6. 6. Just Let Go (Who Cares If We Fall)
  7. 7. Better Left Unsaid
  8. 8. We Don't Need The World
  9. 9. Buzzkill (Before You Say Goodbye)
  10. 10. Fallen Star
  11. 11. There Will Never Be Another One

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