New Releases For September 11, 2012

Fight Or Flight

Hoobastank - Fight Or Flight

Fight Or Flight, the new album from Hoobastank, marks the beginning of what promises to be a vital new chapter in the nearly two-decade run of the versatile L.A. band. This musically and emotionally intense work is Hoobastank's initial release on Open E Entertainment following a productive decade on Island Records during which they ruled the modern rock charts, crossed over big-time with the iconic smash 'The Reason' and sold 10 million albums.

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"This Is Gonna Hurt"


  1. 1. This Is Gonna Hurt
  2. 2. You Before Me
  3. 3. The Fallen
  4. 4. Can You Save Me?
  5. 5. No Destination
  6. 6. Slow Down
  7. 7. No Win Situation
  8. 8. Sing What You Can't Say
  9. 9. Magnolia
  10. 10. Incomplete
  11. 11. A Thousand Words

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