New Releases For January 20, 2015

Hot Rods N' Surf

Hodaddys - Hot Rods N' Surf

Total Surf and Drag...Hodaddys are the real deal. Led by the heavy reverb "Dick Dale meets Link Wray" guitar attack of King Pompano, Hodaddys sound like the Ventures on steroids. With meticulous attention to detail, Hodaddys infuse fresh life into a true form of American Music. Their instrumental music has provided the entire soundtrack to six episodes of The Vintage Vehicle television show, which is syndicated to 127 television stations worldwide.

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  1. 1. Rumblin' Rod
  2. 2. Vaporizer
  3. 3. Ranch Of The Pines
  4. 4. Fiero
  5. 5. Capsized
  6. 6. Jungle Prada
  7. 7. Surf Trashed
  8. 8. Danger Surf
  9. 9. At The Drags