New Releases For February 5, 2016

High Highs

High Highs - Cascades

Cascades, the title of the second record from the Brooklyn group High Highs, could be read in a number of ways. It could be taken as a nod to the group's hometown - the coastal Australian city of Sydney, which rests against the beautiful, blue Pacific Ocean. Or it could be a nod to the record's sound, which retains the broad scope of the group's debut, Open Season, but feels bigger and grander.

"Airy, harmony-laden indie pop"- Pitchfork

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"How Could You Know"


  1. 1. Boxing
  2. 2. Cascades
  3. 3. How Could You Know
  4. 4. Catch The Wind
  5. 5. Movement
  6. 6. Sun
  7. 7. London, After Rain
  8. 8. Ocean To City
  9. 9. Vision
  10. 10. Fastnet