New Releases For January 29, 2013

Hey Ocean!

Hey Ocean! - Is

Vancouver-based trio Hey Ocean! release their third full-length album and first for Nettwerk Records, IS.

CBC Music called 'Big Blue Wave,' with its infectious hook and captivating melodies, the band's crossover hit. Elsewhere on the record, 'Make Up a New Dance' shimmies and shakes with a snappy guitar and propulsive beat, while the band beautifully captures longing on the poetic and poignant 'Islands.'

Hey Ocean! have earned the loyalty of an ever-expanding fan base thanks to their captivating and energetic live shows, including a US tour this spring.

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"Big Blue Wave"


  1. 1. If I Were A Ship
  2. 2. Make A New Dance Up
  3. 3. Big Blue Wave
  4. 4. Islands
  5. 5. Jolene
  6. 6. New Love
  7. 7. Bicycle
  8. 8. Change
  9. 9. Steady
  10. 10. I Am A Heart
  11. 11. (For) Give
  12. 12. Give
  13. 13. Last Mistake
  14. 14. Liar (Bonus Track)
  15. 15. Be My Baby (Bonus Track)
  16. 16. Maps (Bonus Track)