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Sunderland Road

HERRICK - Sunderland Road

With so much noise in the world coming from every direction, the rise of HERRICK’s music above the din is most definitely attributed to their rich melodic persuasion and signature harmonies. Their brand-new album Sunderland Road is a masterful representation of that. The album is co-produced by the band and Grammy winning engineer Snake Reynolds, who has worked on 100 plus multi-platinum albums. Donna’s extraordinary voice brings forth a monster country release worthy of the genre’s ancestors. The album is built like a fortress around Donna and takes you away to the days of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Trisha Yearwood.

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"Sunderland Road"


  1. 1. Losin’ Cinderella Shoes
  2. 2. Beyond This Town
  3. 3. A Place Called Always
  4. 4. Freedom
  5. 5. Midnight In Birmingham
  6. 6. Old Bridges
  7. 7. Someday I’ll Fly
  8. 8. Sunderland Road
  9. 9. A Time When There Was You
  10. 10. Some Kind Of Lonesome (Album Mix)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 02
    Spring Hill, TN, US Whole Hog Festival 2021
  • Oct 08
    Columbia, TN, US Herrick at Puckett's Grocery - Columbia
  • Nov 12
    Columbia, TN, US Herrick at Vanh Dy's Upstairs Speakeasy Lounge
  • Dec 03
    Columbia, TN, US Herrick at Vanh Dy's Upstairs Speakeasy Lounge
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