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Heather Maloney
Heather Maloney

Heather Maloney - Heather Maloney

'I always said that if I didn't write songs, I'd be covered in tattoos, because every song I write is something I want to remember really badly,' says Heather Maloney.

She has no ink so far. Instead, the Northampton, Mass., singer-songwriter is marking life lessons with music on her new self-titled album, penning tuneful reminders to herself about the little triumphs of love on 'Flutter,' the solace of redemption on 'Turn Yourself Around' and her firm belief that nothing's colder than trying too hard to be cool, an idea that inspired 'Fire For You.'

The young songwriter has been hailed by the Huffington Post for 'lyrics that cut to the chase.'

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"Great Imposter"


  1. 1. Great Imposter
  2. 2. Hey Broken
  3. 3. Fire For You
  4. 4. Dirt & Stardust
  5. 5. Flutter
  6. 6. Iron Bull
  7. 7. Turn Yourself
  8. 8. Miss Mary Mack
  9. 9. Grace
  10. 10. Darleen
  11. 11. Flying On Helium

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Oct 19
    St Louis, MO, US Dar Williams and Heather Maloney at Delmar Hall
  • Nov 09
    Seattle, WA, US Dar Williams and Heather Maloney at Neptune Theatre
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