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Hasaan Ibn Ali
Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album

Hasaan Ibn Ali - Metaphysics: The Lost Atlantic Album

In 1965 Atlantic Records invited Hasaan Ibn Ali to record, but before mixing sessions could turn the recorded material into a releasable album, Ali had become incarcerated on a narcotics possession. Atlantic shelved the album. Thirteen years later that tape went up in flames in an Atlantic warehouse New Jersey. For years a rumor circulated, that a copy of the sessions had been made, but attempts to locate it never turned up a source… until now. Restored and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Michael Graves from a tape copy of long-lost reference acetates of the sessions, the package includes notes from producer Alan Sukoenig and author/pianist/teacher Lewis Porter.

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"Atlantic Ones"


  1. 1. Atlantic Ones
  2. 2. Viceroy
  3. 3. El Hasaan
  4. 4. Richard May Love Give Powell
  5. 5. Metaphysics
  6. 6. Epitome
  7. 7. True Train
  8. 8. True Train (Short Version) (Bonus Track)
  9. 9. Viceroy (Short Version) (Bonus Track)
  10. 10. Atlantic Ones (Short Version) (Bonus Track)