New Releases For January 29, 2013

Harvie S With Kenny Barron

Harvie S With Kenny Barron - Witchcraft

Witchcraft is merely the latest marker that's found Harvie S paired with such legends as John Scofield, Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Dexter Gordon, Jim Hall, Joe Lovano, and Sheila Jordan.

Witchcraft is cut from the same cloth as their previous album (Now Was The Time), with S and Barron coaxing quite a variety of textures and color from the two-instrument format, exploring all the tonal possibilities available to them. With its varied set list of standards and jazz tunes, enjoy an hour of some fine and intimate music making with Kenny Barron and Harvie S.

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"Deep Night"


  1. 1. Autumn Nocturne
  2. 2. Deep Night
  3. 3. For Heaven' Sake
  4. 4. Creepin'
  5. 5. Juan's Theme
  6. 6. Rio
  7. 7. Sonia Braga
  8. 8. Until Tomorrow
  9. 9. Wig Wise
  10. 10. Witchcraft