New Releases For January 29, 2013

Harry Bodine
Travellin The Southland

Harry Bodine - Travellin The Southland

Travellin The Southland, the new EP from Austin, Texas singer/songwriter/slide guitarist Harry Bodine. Featuring John Magnie and Steve Amedee of the Subdudes adding their distinct vocal harmonies as well as piano, accordion, drums and percussion.

'Bodine sounds like a man who's done some hard travelin', but hasn't given into world-weariness just yet. The opening title track is a close cousin to John Hiatt's 'Memphis in the Meantime,' the kind of open road song that makes you eager to hit the ignition' - Brett Milano - Offbeat (January 2013)

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"Travellin The Southland"


  1. 1. Travellin The Southland
  2. 2. Can't Get Love Right
  3. 3. Now I See
  4. 4. Graceful Moves
  5. 5. Meet Me Down