New Releases For September 9, 2016

Harold Lopez-Nussa
El Viaje

Harold Lopez-Nussa - El Viaje

The release of López-Nussa’s music stateside is a significant postscript to President Obama’s recent trip to Havana. The conservatory-trained pianist is the first Cuba-based musician (he has dual citizenship in both Cuba and France) to release an album internationally since the lifting of many of the restrictions associated with the longstanding trade embargo. States Mack Avenue Records President Denny Stilwell, “Harold follows in the modern day tradition of exemplary Cuban pianists who have recorded and toured internationally. We feel he is an emerging artist with immense creative potential to break through.”

TAGS: Jazz | Latin Jazz

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"Mozambique En Mi B"


  1. 1. Me Voy Pa’ Cuba
  2. 2. Africa
  3. 3. Feria
  4. 4. Lobo’s Cha
  5. 5. Bacalao Con Pan
  6. 6. El Viaje
  7. 7. Mozambique En Mi B
  8. 8. D’ Una Fábula
  9. 9. Inspiraction En Connecticut
  10. 10. Oriente
  11. 11. Improv (Me Voy Pa’ Cuba)

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