New Releases For February 24, 2017


Hark - Machinations

With their second album Machinations, Hark deliver a perfectly crafted vision of hard-hitting heavy rock, expanding on their simultaneously progressive and muscular sonic palette. The weight and bombast is intact, but newly expanded to include virtuoso leads and melodic finesse. Hark v2.0 is now officially in widescreen, and Machinations beautifully precise pummeling proves them a genuine force to be reckoned with.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Fortune Favours The Insane"


  1. 1. Fortune Favours The Insane
  2. 2. Disintegrate
  3. 3. Nine Fates
  4. 4. Speak In Tongues
  5. 5. Transmutation
  6. 6. Son Of Pythagoras
  7. 7. Premonitions
  8. 8. Comnixant 3.0
  9. 9. The Purge